Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a New Dutch Oven


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming and, before we know it, the snow will be flying and we’ll be hearing on the roof the clatter of eight tiny reindeer. Now is a great time to start thinking about Santa’s list for your favorite outdoor chef, even if that favorite outdoor chef is you!

Is any of your equipment old, worn out or broken, and need replacing? Were you on any campouts where someone was using a cool piece of gear and you thought to yourself, “I sure would like to have one of those!”? Do you have a piece of equipment that you love so much you wish you had another? Well, it’s time to be making your list and checking it twice. And if I were you, I’d be real nice!

For many of us, we keep our home kitchens stocked with the best knives we can afford, the best pots and pans, and the best gadgets while our camp kitchens are filled with substandard or hand-me-down equipment. After all, we’re just going to take it camping and it’s just going to be beat up, right?

But when we go camping we don’t want to eat substandard food. We want the food that we eat to be just as good as the food we make in our home kitchens. Why do we hamstring ourselves by forcing ourselves to create meals with substandard equipment?

Well, Santa is coming and now is your chance to make some improvements to your camp kitchen.

What would make your camp kitchen more functional? A better, bigger stove? More burners? Bigger burners? A larger griddle? Something with a hood for better grilling?

Do you need more workspace? Often times, our camp kitchen ends up consuming the picnic table, leaving no place to sit and eat. What do you need in the way of prep space?

Do you have a Dutch oven? If you already have one, do you want another one? A bigger one? If you’re not sure what to get, see my blog post: “What Kind of Dutch Oven Should I Buy?

Are you currently using your Dutch ovens on the ground? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a table for them to sit on while they’re baking?

Are your current BBQ gloves a little scorched around the edges? Are they doing the job they’re supposed to be doing? Maybe it’s time to replace them or upgrade them. A good pair of leather BBQ gloves, not only for grilling but for handling your Dutch ovens, is important.

Do you need more chimneys? Tongs? A small straw broom to sweep the charcoal dust off your Dutch oven lid? A trivet?

Remember the little things—the stocking stuffers. If you had a thermometer you could make fried chicken in camp, or donuts. How about a bottle or tube of oil to season your Dutch ovens?

Start thinking about what and how you’d like to be cooking next year. If you feel your camp kitchen is pretty complete, what about an upgrade? Make your list and check it twice and get that list into the hands of Santa!

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