The Devil is in the Eggs

deviled_eggs_02Deviled eggs are a classic appetizer for entertaining, but they also make good camp eats. They provide a solid hit of protein and can be served as an afternoon pick-me-up snack, a pre-dinner appetizer, a side dish at any meal, or as a no cook, no clean, cold breakfast item on a warm summer morning.

They even make a good bed-time snack on a cold night. Really! A sleeping warm technique is to eat a little protein before bed and that helps you sleep warmer because your body furnace has to work harder to digest the protein. So, have those sugar-rush s’mores early in the evening and send campers off to bed with a couple of deviled eggs in their bellies. They’ll sleep warmer.

With a little prep work at home, you can serve up a bunch of these babies in camp in a heartbeat!

At home, boil your eggs. When they are cool enough to handle (I chill them with ice), peel them, cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks. Place your empty egg-white halves in a zip-loc bag or a plastic container (I prefer a plastic container to protect them). These will ride to camp in your cooler.

For a smooth and creamy filling, place the yolks in a metal strainer and use a wooden spoon to press them through the strainer.

I like to stir in mayonnaise, a little yellow mustard, salt, white pepper, and some paprika (I pack extra paprika for sprinkling on at camp). Load the filling into the corner of a zip-loc bag and this goes into your cooler for transport to camp. Home work done!

In camp, squeeze all the filling into a corner of the zip-loc bag, snip off the corner with a pair of scissors, and fill your egg-white halves like you’re frosting a cake. As my daughter would say, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”

For the adventurous folks, here are 5 twists for your deviled eggs. Combine the mashed egg yolks with the fillings of your choice.

Add your favorite guacamole (either store-bought or home-made).

For a smoky ranch flavor, add your favorite ranch dressing and a little bacon grease and/or bacon bits.

Add your favorite hummus, a little minced chipotle pepper, and lime juice.

How about some mayonnaise, horseradish, lemon and dill?

You could grate some pepper jack cheese with a microplane grater, and mix in some mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce for a spicy south of the border flavor.

Be adventurous and try some of these combinations or channel your inner evil mad scientist and make up your own, but if you do that you have to share your concoctions in the Comments! We’d love to see (and try) what you create!

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One thought on “The Devil is in the Eggs

  1. Love these!!!

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