Keep Calm and Carry Your Cast Iron

oven_in_bagged_IMG_0736Carry bags are a great way to store and transport your cast iron Dutch ovens. They are padded, keep the lid from separating from the bottom, and have handy straps for carrying. In addition, they keep the oven clean and free of dust and dirt. They make loading the car much easier and, while I drive, I don’t have to listen to them clanking around in the back and worrying if they are okay or, worse yet, opening the back and having a lid or a whole oven fall out and hit the ground or the pavement. Hitting the pavement would most likely break it. Been there, done that!

When storing your ovens in carry bags, place the lid in first. This makes a nice, flat, stable bottom. I place a clean, dry wash cloth on top of the lid and then the bottom of the oven sits on that. The wash cloth protects the surface of the lid.


Recently, I ran to our local hardware store and picked up some fender washers and a length of ball-chain and little connectors. (I have no idea what it’s really called, but take a look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.)


When I’m cooking in large groups where there are multiple ovens, I want to be able to quickly determine which ovens are mine. I cut the ball chain into small lengths, threaded on a fender washer and attached one to the oven bottom and one to the lid.


I chose fender washers because they are wide and, if I want to, I can take an engraving tool and engrave onto the fender washer. This way, I can make it even more obvious which ovens are mine or I can designate which lid goes with which bottom. Dutch ovens are “cast” iron, which means they were made using a mold and the lids are intended to be tight fitting so you really shouldn’t mix and match your lids.


So, here they are all tagged and bagged and ready for transport!

When purchasing bags for your Dutch ovens, be sure to check the measurements of the bag against the measurements of your Dutch oven as they can differ slightly from brand to brand.


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4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry Your Cast Iron

  1. Greats article, I have been researching Dutch ovens for a blog. I don’t have one but am definitely considering it

    • A Dutch oven will radically expand your camp cooking possibilities. For your little family of four, a 10-inch Dutch oven should do nicely; however, if you want leftovers or plan to feed a few more, I recommend a 12-inch, which is very versatile. It’s great for baking desserts, a roast, or a casserole. Go get one, girl, and let us know what you got!! Can’t wait to see it and hear the stories!

      • Thanks for the advice. Here in BC we don’t start camping until May so I have lots of time to research recipes. I plan to read your blogs for help. Enjoy the day

  2. S&S

    Camp ovens make the perfect meal….. oh to be camping right now.

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