Baby Steps and Baby Bites


picky_eater_02_690pxLearning to like something can be hard for adults and especially hard for kids, whose pallets may not be fully developed. It could be taste, texture or, sometimes, it’s both. Take onions for example. When you bite into a large chunk of onion, there is a lot of texture and a strong flavor. It’s a powerful bite and can easily overwhelm a young pallet.

I spent many of my early years not liking onions but, as an adult, I was surrounded by many people who did like them, who wanted to cook with them, and who wanted me to cook with them. One day, I just decided that I was going to try to learn to like them. But where to start?

I started with baby steps and baby bites. I started by using a little onion powder in my cooking. This gave me flavor without the texture and I found I liked it. Gradually, I increased the amounts of onion powder until I reached full strength. Next, I started swapping out the powder for dehydrated minced, which is tiny, tiny bits of diced onion that have been dehydrated, which provided me with a little texture. From there, I started using fresh onions, dicing them very small (and I mean very small) at first and working my way up to larger dices.

This same method could be done for many other foods. You may not be able to find the food in a powdered version, but you can still mince it or chop it very small and use it sparingly at first. Allow everyone to become comfortable with it before stepping up to the next size.

Over the years, I have made great strides toward liking onions and, while I’m not quite ready to have a thick slice of raw onion on my burger, when we went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago, I actually ate a couple of onion rings, and I liked them!

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One thought on “Baby Steps and Baby Bites

  1. You are so cute. Bravo for the results on onions. I still do not eat raw onions in my burgers or salads but have loved deep fried, greasy, breaded onion rings since I was a teenager. I had to quit as the grease makes me sick now. I love the flavor cooked onions brings to so many of my favorite dishes. And so good for us!!! That is the important part. Eating for our health!

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