KISS – Keep it Simple Sundays


Our camping/scouting weekends typically look something like this: We roll in on a Friday afternoon or Friday night and we set up camp. We try to keep dinner prep pretty easy (30 minutes or less) so we have plenty of time for a campfire. Saturday is filled with activities and our heartier, bigger meals. Dutch ovens tend to get a workout on Saturdays. Sunday, after breakfast, we break down and hit the road for home. Sometimes we try to cram in a few more activities Sunday morning but, for the most part, it’s a break-fast and break-camp kinda morning.

So, for Sunday mornings we like to keep it simple with easy, no mess, no clean up, breakfasts that still fill our bellies without filling the dishpan. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep it simple Sundays.

Instant Oatmeal and Instant Cream o’ Wheat Packets (just add hot water)

Bagels and Cream Cheese (I like to toast my bagel over the campfire)

Muffins, Danish and Donuts (oh my)


Nutty-Os and Granola


Deviled Eggs

If we make a morning campfire, we’ll cook sausages on sticks or wrapped in foil or potatoes wrapped in foil.

If I do make something in the Dutch oven, I try to keep it easy with little to no prep so I’m not dirtying any dishes and I foil line the Dutch oven so there is no clean up there either. Apple Raisin Monkey Bread and Pecan Sticky Bun Bits are always popular. Baked Oatmeal, Blueberry Coffee Cake and Granny Apple Crisp also make great breakfasts.

monkey_bread_apple_raisin_IMG_1279_690pxApple Raisin Monkey Bread

pecan_sticky_bun_bitsPecan Sticky Bun Bits

BakedOatmeal09_IMG_1034_690pxBaked Oatmeal

CoffeeCake07_IMG_1031_690pxBlueberry Coffee Cake

granny_apple_crisp_img_2034_690pxGranny Apple Crisp

There are lots of ways to have a good, filling breakfast without creating a mountain of dishes that need to be washed. It makes it easier to pack up your chuck box clean and dry before heading home.

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